Published my work in a book (MEMENTO)



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19° Gran Tour delle Colline


Four International Awards in 19° Gran Tour delle Colline 2015 – Italy


FIAP Honorable Mention – Future Study – Color Section

FIAP Honorable Mention – Motherhood – Monochrome Section

FIAP Honorable Mention – Five Eyes – Monochrome Section

ISF Certificat – Holi Colors  – Portfolio (Environment)


FIAP Honorable Mention-Future Study


FIAP Honorable Mention-Motherhood


FIAP Honorable Mention-Five Eyes


ISF Certificat - Holi Colors  - Portfolio


19° Gran Tour delle Colline - Italia - Results

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Twinkling Memory

Bahrain Opens Gulf Photography Exhibition “Twinkling Memory.”

This is the first of its kind in the Gulf region show, and was the result of efforts of a number of the Bahraini and GCC photographers at their meetings in international competitions; they worked on the establishment of this qualitative exhibition to be the first of the GCC joint work in this area.

The participants expressed their appreciation and happiness for the great success of the event, and thanked Bahrain for continuous support to the photography enthusiasts.

It is worth mentioning that the Kingdom of Bahrain is the second leg of this roving exhibition in the GCC after Saudi Arabia. The show features 50 photographers from the GCC who are among the most recognized and won about 3000 international awards in the international competitions.

The images that were showcased including: portraiture, photojournalism, street life, installation, Landscape, wildlife, and landscapes in a way conceptual art. This exhibition was held under the kind sponsorship by the Scoop Photographic Equipment, and Bahrain for Culture and Archaeology and the Bahraini Society for Fine Arts.

Twinkling-Memory-01 Twinkling-Memory-02 Twinkling-Memory-03 Twinkling-Memory-04 Twinkling-Memory-05 Twinkling-Memory-06 Twinkling-Memory-07 Twinkling-Memory-08 Twinkling-Memory-09 Twinkling-Memory-10 Twinkling-Memory-11 Twinkling-Memory-12 Twinkling-Memory-13 Twinkling-Memory-14 Twinkling-Memory-15